Managing to make a girl wet is the dream of every man. Making a girl wet is not an easy task either. It requires a man to put extra effort. Although learning to do it is not hard as well. But after learning the necessary techniques, you should ensure that you practice them regularly so that you can be perfect on it. Below is a list some of the ways you can make her wet.


This is the best way to make her remember you the entire day. By sending her these kinds of messages, she will know that you are also thinking about her. It will also make her feel loved and wanted.

Ask her out for dinner or lunch

If you managed to text her correctly and achieved to stimulate her passion, you should then take her out. You should ensure that you are in a more secluded place, a place where the two of you cannot be disturbed.


Give her a loving hug, the hugging should be able to communicate to her that you want to be with physically at the earliest opportunity. This might help in breaking her inhabitations if she had any. This will also help in making her more comfortable with your touches.

Sit close to her rather than sitting opposite each other

Doing this in a crowded restaurant can work wonders. You can do this while showing her the menu or something on your phone; ensure that your arm is around her shoulder while doing this.

You can also give your partner some sweet touches

You can begin this by touching her fingers. By doing this, she will become more comfortable with the rest of your touches.

Whisper some sweet nothings to her ear

The whispering should be very soft; you can do this by complementing her figure, her body, voice, and her eyes. Let her know how much you want to caress her body and kiss her lips.

All you need to do is to understand your girl’s psychology

This will be enough for you to know how you can do all these to get her wet. And while trying all these, make sure that you do not offend her in any way, be it by your words or your actions, and ensure that the words you tell her are nothing but positive and sexy. By doing all these, you will undoubtedly make her wet, like one of those sexy cheap escorts in London.